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Is a technology consulting firm for those leaders that want to become champions by choosing a partner, not a staffing agency

RE Partners believe technology should support and empower the organization, not burden it with massive overhead and unwieldy systems. Technology should not be the bottleneck to your strategy. Technology is the enablement of your values.

RE Partners have deep technology and business expertise you’d expect from a trusted partner; RE Partners bring empathy, connection, and human-centered design.



Clients choose us not because of who we are but because of who they are

RE Partners advocates and focuses on the business change by building a
case to gain buy-in from the executive stakeholders.

RE Partners, 20+ years of professional, hands-on experience of negotiating, building,

and engineering solutions, as well as industry know-how-to, has taught us to ask

the tough questions. It is the client’s business strategy that we are executing, not ours.


Takes your business personally by delivering on our promise, not an SOW

RE Partners can rapidly optimize the scale of your technology delivery needs so that you
can concentrate and implement the latest innovative technologies with agility and confidence.

RE Partners, breadth and depth of a large-enterprise understanding allows us to create

a boutique approach by providing dedicated on-site or remote project support and an ecosystem of near-shore / off-shore delivery to achieve an unbeatable combination of enterprise-class thinking and start-up agility.


Who we are
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"Now is the time to ask yourself:

Which philosophy do I want to pursue?
Do I want a business that serves my customers?
Or one that takes advantage of customers
to serve my business?"

Partner up with Valerie and Alex to produce meaning and value. We listened to you and established RE Partners. A technology consulting firm "where everybody knows your name" that listens and understands you. A solution partner that always answers your call. A diverse team of professionals and experienced consultants who you will know by name.  


Valerie Kogan

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer

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Alex Gikher

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

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