Talent Solution Sourcing


RE Partners managed service, Talent Solution Sourcing, is designed to boost your project, cover team gaps, the need to scale, and just because you need an A+ team to get it done. RE Partners manages these types of engagements with the client’s outcome in mind.

RE Partners brings the overarching management principles to guarantee the quality of the resource throughout the project work. RE Partners commit to project SLAs and provide necessary coaching to all of our consultants, regardless of their geographical location. RE Partners invest in our people and continuously measure their results because their work is essential to you.



Client Advocacy

Advocating for clients and clients' needs to excel in their business requires us to prepare, understand, and ask the right questions adequately. Voice of our Client and Taking Action is what defines RE Partners Client Advocacy service. RE Partners bring all the necessary tools, network, and relationships of our client's industry's highest standards.

RE Partners help our clients to define a challenge statement, and RE Partners navigate our clients to determine the best available routes to get there. RE Partners guide our clients through actionable decisions that deliver immediate value. In other words, customer advocacy means a relentless focus on the client's needs.


Service Design

Service Design with Business Process Mapping. Connecting business value outcomes with product management, technology evaluation, and business analysis.

We help you leverage technology to organize people, infrastructure, data, communications, and operations to deliver optimized processes and services that add to your bottom line.


Customer Engagement

Combine Operational Data with the Client’s journey and experiences to understand the exact sentiment about your products, services, and brand. Keeping on top of omnichannel customer engagement can be overwhelming.


Still, with advanced technologies, we can implement solutions that enable you to stay ahead of the curve and delight your customers wherever, or whenever they are talking with, or about you. But more importantly, Why?


Intelligent Enterprise

“Turn insight into action across the business – in real time.” It is time to change the role of your enterprise software, and its processes from a day-to-day operator to visionary, and executor.

No matter where your data is, or how siloed, make it work for you and your business. As a result, you will accelerate data-driven disruption and process automation, launch new business models, and deliver exceptional experiences.



Foundational Engineering

Roll-out transformative applications, products, and services at high speed with our integrated approach: Development, Security, Quality Assurance, and Operations.


Your companies SDLC and Release Management will experience continuous integration and reduction in costs for compliance. Released code is constantly analyzed, tested, delivered, and released in a systematic approach across all product lines and engineering pods.


SAP Caddie

Drive game-changing outcomes by making innovation real for your business.  Do not approach SAP as a technology challenge, but embrace it as a business solution.  Our 20+ years of experience building SAP for SAP, implementing SAP for Fortune 1000 enterprises, and 10+ Years of being on the inside of SAP allows us to help our clients answer “Why?”, “What?”, “How?”.

SAP doesn’t answer the questions of innovation technology.  SAP is not a

plug-n-play fairytale.  SAP is a solution to your business challenges of tomorrow. 

RE Partners is your SAP Caddie from resource coverage across the SAP Portfolio

to Business Process Mapping to SAP Implementations to SAP AMS.